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03 Feb 2015
Arabic Google
There are about 200,000,000 Arabic speakers in this world, and many of them live in Western countries. How can they use Google in Arabic, and how can they write Arabic search terms into the search field? [mehr...]
01 Jun 2014
Preventing Screenshots?
Protecting web pictures from being stolen via screenshots is considered to be impossible. But maybe there is a way after all. [mehr...]
06 Jun 2012
Text Cursor Management with JavaScript
Finally, you can let your script paste any text copied by the user, move the text cursor in input fields to any position you whish, remove selection marks or restore them. [mehr...]
27 May 2012
Turboid Event Management
Turboid offers a special object called "Event", which in turn offers very useful functions allowing you to manage your event handlers in a quite comfortable way. [mehr...]
08 May 2012
Better Event Management for JavaScript
Professional interactive web applications not only need the concept of event handlers, but also a good and comfortably usable event handler system for adding with hindsight functions to the same event handler or dropping or replacing some of them. Is such a thing possible with JavaScript? [mehr...]
03 May 2012
Dialog and GUI Features for JavaScript
Complex web applications often need a good graphical user interface including menus and windows. Turboid supplements the standard GUI elements of HTML like buttons and input fields with professional and highly customizable features, which let your website look like an operating system. [mehr...]
23 Apr 2012
Embedded Windows in your Homepage
In this article you get a documentation of two important functions of the Turboid Window object, specifying the functions and properties of their return objects. [mehr...]
11 Apr 2012
Window techniques and Display Area Features
Here we go again with new features enhancing JavaScript, and this time they enhance it in terms of window and techniques and display area features. [mehr...]
05 Apr 2012
Better array functions for JavaScript
Whoever works a lot with arrays in different ways will after some time discover that standard JavaScript is a little bit poor in terms of array treating functions. This is why this article introduces you to the array functions provided by Turboid, which makes your life with arrays much easier. [mehr...]
27 Mar 2012
Function caller bug in Firefox 11 (solved)
The automatic update from Firefox 10 to 11 may have brought a bad surprise to many developers whose codes relied on functions of instantiated objects reading their own function caller properties. [mehr...]
07 Mar 2012
New math and time functions for JavaScript
The standard math and time functions of JavaScript are widely sufficient. Anyhow, Turboid provides useful math and time functions which make a developer's life little easier. In this article you find a bunch of such functions and its descriptions. [mehr...]
20 Feb 2012
New String Functions for JavaScript
The JavaScript String Object provides quite good functions for analysing and manipulating string values. Yet there are some useful functions existing in other languages which we don't find in JavaScript. That's the niche where Turboid comes in. [mehr...]
08 Feb 2012
Analysing JavaScript functions
Standard JavaScript does not provide a that powerful Function object. There are three properties (arguments, arity, caller) and no function for dealing with functions. This now is supplied by Turboid. [mehr...]
11 Jan 2012
Synchronizing and unifying intervals
Want to save performance instead of using a chaos of dozens of separately working intervals? A new Turboid function makes this possible. Every time you use it, you extend the interval by your new steps, which would be executed by the same loop and at the same time as the other functions it has been extended by before. [mehr...]
03 Jan 2012
Include files in JavaScript
Modern complex client side web application can get extraordinary huge in terms of the size of JavaScript files which have to be used. So there is an urgent need to something that makes it possible to let a website show up quickly, despite of masses of JavaScript code. [mehr...]
27 Dec 2011
Strange key names in for-in-loops
Adding properties and functions to object prototypes interferes with for-in-loops - seemingly wrong results are found while going through a new array. This is why one is often advised to keep away from object and array prototype manipulation. But there is a simple way to reduce the problems. [mehr...]
22 Dec 2011
Passing variables by reference
Passing variables by reference seems to be impossible in the first moment. And in fact there is no standard possibility to do this, as JavaScript does not offer an equivalent for Visual Basic's ByRef or C's int&. [mehr...]
20 Dec 2011
Let a function know its array index
Sometimes there are challenges in JavaScript which seem to be very simple in the first moment, then impossible to solve in the second moment, until you get a code snippet with a surprisingly short solution from a versed developer. This is such a case. [mehr...]
19 Dec 2011
For loops with Turboid loop
This loop feature is more powerful as it seems. But it is not only a compensatory for while loops to avoid freezing the browser, but also suitable as a for loop replacement. [mehr...]
13 Dec 2011
Changing a variable temporarily
In the real world, changing temporarily the state of a toy car is simple: You give it a tap and it begins to move forwards and stops after a short while. If you want to keep it moving, you could give it a tap with the same force every time before it stops. Changing variables in the same way is not that simple - unless you use a certain Turboid function... [mehr...]
07 Dec 2011
Real loops in JavaScript
Dreaming of using in JavaScript loops in a similar way as in major programming languages like Java or Visual Basic? Maybe your dream is going to become true... [mehr...]
06 Dec 2011
Welcome to my blog
What is this site about? How could you benefit from it? The following lines represent a small introduction to this new service. [mehr...]