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03 Feb 2015

Arabic Google

How to search in Arabic language

There are about 200,000,000 Arabic speakers in this world, and many of them live in Western countries. How can they use Google in Arabic, and how can they write Arabic search terms into the search field?

Although Google offers versions of its search for Arab countries, such as "google.com/?hl=ar" for Saudi Arabia, some would like to have a better virtual keyboard with bigger keys and letters and a keyboard layout more similar to the standard one.

This is were the new service Arabic Google comes in. It is very convenient and offers besides big virtual keyboard buttons and letters and a big input field font the possibility to search in other sources like Google Images, Youtube, Wikipedia, a dictionary, and the Holy Quran, too. You can send your inputs to the Google translator, too.

Thus, it is very suitable to be the browser startpage of every Arabic speaker!


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