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19 Dec 2011

For loops with Turboid loop

Simulating for loops without freezing the browser

This loop feature is more powerful as it seems. But it is not only a compensatory for while loops to avoid freezing the browser, but also suitable as a for loop replacement.

The Turboid loop is an awesome feature of Turboid, as you can implement a loop like this one without freezing the browser:

		// Do something...
... by simply using this short syntax instead of the a little bit long-winded and sometimes because of other reasons annoying window.setInterval()-function:
		// Do something...

This loop feature is more powerful as it seems at the first glance (learn more in this article: "Real loops in JavaScript"). But it is not only a compensatory for while loops, but also for for loops. If you want to implement with loop() an alternative for a for loop like this one...

	for(var i = 0; i < 35; i++){

... then this is the loop() version of it:

	var i=0; loop(function(){
	i++; }, 1, 35);

However it only works that way if the loop() call is part of a function. Otherwise the index should be an object property, but that is no big deal:

	obj = {}; 
	obj.i= 0; loop(function(){
	obj.i++; }, 1, 35);
Have fun!


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