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01 Jun 2014

Preventing Screenshots?

How to protect your pictures from being stolen

Protecting web pictures from being stolen via screenshots is considered to be impossible. But maybe there is a way after all.

As one has to admit, this is not a pure JavaScript solution. Perhaps it is no solution at all. It is rather a suggestion or an idea. The expected result is neither perfect nor free from disadvantages, but is expected to make picture stealing far more difficult than the common methods, especially if combined with other, well-known methods.

As JavaScript developers know, there is no way in JavaScript to detect whether the print key has got pressed or not.

Now there is a second experience we make with Flash, e.g. Flash videos: Once the flash element or video has been focused e.g. with a mouse click, the keyboard ceases to work in the usual way and begins to obey to the rules of the flash element.

If we combined these two experiences, we get closer to the solution. One could deliver all pictures to be protected as Flash, make the user only able to view it by focusing the Flash element and disable the print key in Flash or hide the picture if it has got pressed. Of course, the precondition is that this is possible with Flash.

What is your opinion?


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jakaś beka pozdrawiam

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